Posted by: Pastor Terry Hagedorn | August 23, 2009



Wednesday, President Obama reached out to Jewish and Christian clergy, urging them to push health care reform from the pulpit.   The President spoke to about 140,000 people of faith in a conference call and webcast Wednesday evening.
For some reason, I didn’t get that call. But, since the President asked—How can we push a health care bill that would provide for federal funding of abortion, establish Death Panels (this provision is still in HB3200), promote the Veteran Administration’s “Death Book” (all three of which promote abortion of the unborn/euthanasia of the sick or elderly), raise taxes, establish 53 more bureaucracies (like the failed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac federal flops), cost a trillion dollars more—and yet, cut or ration services?
Socialized medicine will be like a hospital gown: you’ll think that you are covered—but, you won’t be!
Something needs to be done; but, the only push this bill deserves is over a cliff.


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