Posted by: Pastor Terry Hagedorn | April 18, 2010


If we are going to secularize the Calendar–i.e. remove any references to Christ, then I think that we should also secularize the names of the day of the week:

Sunday is named after the Sun. The ancient pagan Greeks and Romans believed that the sun was the source of life on the planet and they gave it prime importance in their thinking–hence, the first day of the week.

Monday is named for the Moon. If sun is honored on Sunday, it would be lunacy to not give the Moon a place of prominence on Monday. And, indeed, the word for Monday is derived from a pagan Germanic word for Moon, “Monandaeg”.

The word “Tuesday”, however, was derived from a wholly different religious tradition. Tyr or Tiw was the Norse God of War.

The mid-day of the week is named for the Norse God, Odin. He was also known as Woden or Wotan–hence, Wednesday.

Thor was the Norse God of Thunder. The Angles and Saxon’s who invaded England in the 500’s carried belief in Thor with them in their wanderings and wars. To the ancient Roman’s, the fifth day of the week was known as “dies jovis”. The Roman’s had named it for their own God of Thunder, and also chief of the Gods, Jupiter. When the Germanic tribes supplanted the resident Roman’s of England they also supplanted their Gods. They replaced Jupiter or Jove with Thor. Thus came the name, Thorsdaeg which comes down to modern English speakers as Thursday.

Friday? The name of the day is derived from yet another Norse God (in this case a goddess), Frigga. She was believed to be the wife of Odin and was the goddess of marriage and the hearth.

Saturday was named for the Roman God of Time and the Harvest, Saturn. The Anglo-Saxons simply adapted the Roman, “dies saturni”, making it Saterdaeg.

If we are to secularize the calendar, we cannot leave the names of the days of the week pagan. Can we? If Christmas is to be shortened to Holiday, Christmas tree to Holiday Tree, Easter to Bunny Time, then I think it would be unconscionable to let the days of the week violate the separation of church and state. We must secularize–rename–the days of the week:

Sunday could be changed to Firstday; but, that would seem to make the day of Christian worship to seem to have priority. So, the first day of the week should be given the generic name: Oneday, Monday: OneMoDay, Tuesday: Twoday (two days after Oneday), Wednesday: HumpDay (although , if hunchbacks are offended, we can change it to the more politically correct: PCday . Thursday: Fourday. Friday: TNITday (The “T” is silent–”Thank Nothing Its TNIFday!”); and Saturday: EndDay.

SO, the sooner we adopt : OneDay, OneMoDay, TwoDay, HumpDay (PCDay), FourDay, TNITDay and EndDay–the BETTER! The pagans have been given an unfair advantage over other religions. We need to get rid of all references to God or gods–let’s do it for the children!


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