Posted by: Pastor Terry Hagedorn | July 29, 2010


To the Editor:

Preston County citizen, George Street, is right. The All Good Music Festival is a plague on Preston County.

I would ask anyone to produce evidence to the claims that 4 to 5 million dollars are being brought into the county. (Maybe those millions were made in illegal drug sales?) I wonder what the loss offset would be for the businesses in the county that are brought to a standstill for almost a week for the All Good Festival? Perhaps County Commission should speak to some of those businesses—not just the promoter.

What about the offset to all the taxpayers of Preston County? Although the additional police presence and planning helped some this time, emergency responders are hindered by that fact that one lane on Rt. 7 is blocked with the All Good Festival motley entourage and the fact that there is nowhere in many places for vehicles in the other lane to get out of the way.

Who is paying for the additional police presence? The promoter—or Preston County? Who is paying the regional jail for the detention of the All Gooders who are accused of being all bad? The promoter—or Preston County? Who is paying for the property damage and litter control? The promoter—or Preston County?

One local farmer said that he had to clean up broken beer bottles out of his pasture—before the cattle were injured by stepping on them or ingesting them. How can he be compensated for his loss and damages? Does the Health Department inspect and approve the sanitation and food vendors at the festival? Is Marvin’s Mountaintop approved as a camping facility? Shouldn’t the county establish and enforce certain requirements for such campground/music festivals before we get another scourge of music aficionados holding their own festival?

I believe that the All Good Festival came to Preston County because they thought we are just hicks, hayseeds and country bumpkins that could not handle their blatant disregard for the peace and safety of our community. Also, I believe that they knew that it was a place where they could flagrantly break drug laws—and that there were almost no laws regulating such a festival.

If the festival cannot be stopped, shouldn’t the promoter post bond to cover all claims of damages to property and business loss? Shouldn’t there be an amusement tax charged for each ticket to defray the cost of additional police and security so that laws can be enforced?

All Good should be All Gone! The Preston County Prosecuting Attorney, the Sheriff’s Department, the Health Department and the County Commission need to do something now!

There will be a post-festival meeting conducted by the promoter. I encourage everyone interested to attend and voice your concerns. Also, I encourage you to contact the Preston County Commission and let your opinion be known —NOW!

Pastor Terry K. Hagedorn
Calvary Baptist Church
PO Box 282 Reedsville, WV
Ph. 304-864-3870

“Pointing Mountaineers to Mount Calvary.”


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