Posted by: Pastor Terry Hagedorn | September 24, 2010

Gray matters that create hurt and division:

Leslie Flynn writes in his book about the variety of disagreements that deeply divide Christians – gray matters that create hurt and division:

A Christian from the South may be repelled by a swimming party for both men and women, but then offend her Northern friend by wearing a pant-suit to church. At an international meeting for missionaries, a woman from the Orient cannot wear sandals indoors with a clear conscience, while others think her silly for coming barefoot. A Christian from Eastern Europe thinks it terribly worldly and wasteful for a Christian acquaintance to have a wedding ring, yet a woman he knows from further south would consider it a scandalous thing to be in public without her wedding rings on. A man from Denmark is pained in his spirit to watch British Bible school students playing soccer on Sunday afternoon, while the students, in turn, are grieved when he lights his pipe on his porch.

These are issues that certainly do not determine your future in heaven or hell, but can determine fellowship on earth.

What do we do in these areas? Who is right? And who is wrong?

Can we eat meat or not?! Please read Romans 14.


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