Posted by: Pastor Terry Hagedorn | November 3, 2010

“My Father ’tis of Thee”

My Father ’tis of Thee
I have sweet liberty,
Of Thee I sing;
Since Christ our Savior, died,
Suffered the riven side,
Poured forth salvation’s tide,
His praises ring.

Eternal Saviour, Thou!
To Whom all knees shall bow,
Thy name I love.
It is our Father’s will,
Thy fame all worlds shall fill,
Thy name all hearts shall thrill–
All names above.

May thy words music be,
And may each heart set free
Salvation’s song:
Let each the message take,
Let all their silence break,
Let all who hear partake–
The sound prolong.

O Christ, lead us to Thee,
Thine shall the glory be,
To Thee we sing:
Long may Thy reign be bright
With justice, love and light,
O shield us by Thy might,
Great Christ, our King!

~Written By W. J. Johnson~


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