Posted by: Pastor Terry Hagedorn | May 3, 2013

Abortion Of Puppies and Babies

At 11:15am or so today, May 2, 2013, I tuned into the WV Statewide Talkiine hosted by Hoppy Kercheval. A woman, identified later as being from the state ASPCA, was talking about the tragedy of ten bodies of what appeared to be pit bull puppies being found in a bag along the highway. They were in advanced stages of decomposition. The cause of death was not apparent. She spoke of an official investigation into the whys and wherefores of their deaths. She stated that the bodies had been sent to a Virginia university for necropsy to be performed on each body. I am certain that the remains will be given a proper burial. The killings were felonies and she promised that the perpetrator would be punished to the fullest extent of the law–with a lengthy prison sentence!

I am sorry for the puppies. However, jumping to conclusions about the manner of death might be premature. They might have been still born. They might have all succumbed to parvo virus. Their bodies might have simply been the results of natural abortion–a kind of eco-friendly Plan B. I have read that abortion is allegedly common among animals. Cattle and other animals are renowned for knowing what plants to eat to force miscarriage–a self-abortion. So, how could puppy abortion be wrong?

After all, should a pregnant dog be forced to use her body to give birth to babies that she does not want? Doesn’t she have the right to privacy and the use of her own body? Does she have to be a puppy mill? And, what kind of a life would the puppies have have to be born to a mother who did not want them? Aren’t there enough unwanted, starving ill-treated puppies already?

Yet, I am in shock that this news should merit statewide coverage when more horrendous things that have been done by Dr. Kermit Gosnell–and many other late term abortionists–is back page news. I guess the adage that man bites dog is the reason the slaughter of innocent babies are purposely given short shrift. These abortion babies are born alive but finished off with strangulation, a broken neck or a stab from sharp scissors to the brain or spinal cord.

Oh, that babies were treated like dogs in this country!

May God have mercy and yet stay His hand of final judgment upon this reprobate culture.


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