Posted by: Pastor Terry Hagedorn | October 22, 2013


To The Editor:

The editorial comments, D-P 10/20/13, of Charles C. Haynes, the Director of Religious Freedom Center are absolutely right. Concerning a failed ban on Halloween in a Pennsylvania public school district, Mr. Haynes states, “…the media wouldn’t have to look hard to find many other districts that are moving away from Halloween-themed activities during the school day and either moving them to non-school hours or replacing them with “harvest festivals” without Halloween paraphernalia. This trend to de-emphasize Halloween in elementary schools isn’t driven by fear of First Amendment lawsuits — or, at least, it shouldn’t be. What’s actually pushing public schools to re-think Halloween is the recognition that growing numbers of Christian, Muslim and other religious parents are opting their kids out of Halloween celebrations at school. A judge may not see Halloween as “religious,” but many parents see activities involving images of witches, demons and ghosts as offensive to their faith. Non-religious objections to Halloween are also gaining traction in some school districts. Many educators want to reclaim time lost to Halloween activities during the school day. None of these objections matter much to Halloween enthusiasts, as the brouhaha in Pennsylvania illustrates. Their basic message seems to be “don’t spoil the fun for my kid.”

Furthermore, public and government offices violate the separation of religion and state for the fun of Halloween–meanwhile, Christmas joy is anathema! Let’s treat pagans like we treat Christians. Fair is fair.

If Halloween lessons and activities disappeared tomorrow from the October curriculum, little of educational value would be lost. On the contrary, less Halloween could mean more time to teach something that really matters. The public school has banned Christmas, forbidden Hindu, Muslim and Jewish holy days. How hard could it be to do the same to the unholy Wiccan and Satanic Eve of the Day of the Dead activities?

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