Posted by: Pastor Terry Hagedorn | December 3, 2013

Signs of the Times

To the Editor:

According to ABC news, the Madison, Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation is erecting 55 billboards on Monday to encourage other atheists to “come out of the closet” across the nation as the Christmas season has believers turning their focus to faith in God.

“It’s because atheists are starting to speak up and they’re beginning to identify each other and find out they’re not alone,” said Judy Saint, president of one of the atheists’ group chapters. “There are a lot of non-believers and this time of year, they feel like they’re all alone.” Some of the billboard quotes include: “A life of love, no Gods required;” “No Gods, no devils, no worries;” “Live for now, not for after;” and “I believe in people, not gods.”

Personally, I think Judy is an Aint–not a Saint. However, I respect her right to not believe; yet, I question the logic of arguing against something that you believe doesn’t exist. What’s next–coming out against a flat earth? Annie Laurie Gaylor, who is associated with the atheists’ organization, stressed that the billboard campaign is not meant to insult Christmas but, instead, to urge people to ignore the religious messages behind it.” (If it is not designed to insult Christians and Christmas, why have it during You-know-who-mas?) Gaylor continued, “The whole month of December is taken over in a celebration of the religious beliefs, in particular Christianity, and it’s just as if the whole month turns non-believers into outsiders.” In my humble opinion, I think it has turned Gaylor inside outside upside downside–but, at least, she is out of the closet on the god thingy!

As a token of sincere Christian broadmindedness, I would like to see Judy and Annie have a National Atheist month and day to have for themselves! I don’t believe that April is taken. And, April 1st would be a great day for National Atheist Day. (Psalm 14:1, The fool hath said in his heart that there is no God.”)

Atheists, here is a sign for you, “Atheists, thank God you are wrong! Merry Christmas!”

Pastor Terry K. Hagedorn
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