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Seven Reasons Why The Oklahoma Beheading Has Everything To Do With Islam

To The Editor:
A convert to Islam who named himself Jah’Keem Yisrael (formerly Alton
Alexander Nolen) beheaded one of his coworkers and was shot while trying to
behead another on September 26 at his place of work, Vaughan Foods in Moore,
Oklahoma. Despite the numerous indications that Yisrael was inspired to
choose his manner of murder and to carry it out by his immersion in Islam,
authorities profess to be puzzled as to why he did it, or at least certain
that his actions had nothing to do with that most misunderstood of
religions, Islam. There are seven reasons why the Oklahoma beheading has
everything to with jihadist Islam: 1. His hatred for America and
proclamation of a worldwide Caliphate and the rule of Sharia Law. Jah’Keem
Yisrael’s Facebook page, recently taken down, was extraordinarily revealing.
According to the New York Daily News, it was “riddled with phrases like
‘Sharia law is coming’ and calling America ‘wicked.'” 2. His admiration for
jihad terrorists. The New York Daily News also reported that the Facebook
page had “photos of various terror groups and their leaders, including bin
Laden, who was killed by U.S. forces operating in Pakistan in 2012.” 3. His
positive view of beheadings. His page also featured a graphic photograph of
a beheadings accompanied by this Qur’an quote: “I will instill terror into
the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all
their finger-tips off them” (Qur’an 8:9-13). 4. His Qur’anic quotes and
Islamic exhortations. Jah’Keem Yisrael filled his Facebook page with
quotations from the Qur’an and exhortations to his fellow Muslims to be more
rigorous and correct in their observance of Islamic ritual and morality. 5.
His Islamic State hand signal. Also on Yisrael’s Facebook page was a
photograph of him with two members of the Islamic Society of Greater
Oklahoma City; Yisrael stands between them holding up his index finger in
the sign of the Islamic State, signifying Islam’s uncompromising, fanatic
monotheism. 6. His shouting “Islamic phrases” as he killed Colleen Hufford.
7. His mosque. Yisrael attended, the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma
City. The Mosque’s imam is hailed as a moderate by liberals in the United
States but he has explicitly declared that according to Islam, three choices
are to be given to non-Muslims: convert, pay the jizyah tax and live or die.
The Imam tries very hard to whitewash Islam when the media is around, but
they believe in their religion and the ultimate goal of an Islamic
caliphate. Just days before Yisrael’s rampage at Vaughan Foods, the mosque’s
imam, Imam Enchassi, claimed that “Islamophobes” in Oklahoma were plotting
to behead Muslims! Did Yisrael hear this and leave the mosque seething with
resentment and righteous rage? Did he behead Colleen Hufford at Vaughan
Foods before the infidels could behead him?
People get fired all the time. A small number react violently. An even
smaller number start beheading people in that situation. It just happens
that Jah’Keem Yisrael adhered to a religion that directs believers to
“strike the necks” of unbelievers (Qur’an 47:4). Yet the possibility that
Islam could have informed and guided Yisrael’s response to his rage and
hate, and the implications of that possibility, is not one that authorities
seem disposed to explore. And that means that nothing will be done by anyone
to prevent the creation of new Jah’Keem Yisraels.
Mohammad is reported to have had a sword named “vertebrae cleaver.”
Does anybody know the name of the sword owned by Moses or Jesus? Jesus did
not come to kill; rather, he came to die (John 3:16) that all might be
saved–including Muslims.
Pastor Terry K. Hagedorn
Calvary Baptist Church
PO Box 282 Reedsville, WV
Ph. 304-864-3870
MOUNTAIN MANNA, 96.7 FM, Sundays 9:30am
“Pointing Mountaineers to Mount Calvary.”


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