Posted by: Pastor Terry Hagedorn | October 30, 2014


To The Editor

The Pope has the “That’s-Not-What-He-Meant”  Czardinal running his slippers off!   In the pope’s desperation to be relevant, Francis used words about Creation that will hurt Christians for a long time.  However. while media outlets concentrate on Francis saying that God is not a magician, I grieve that a pope would dare to say that God is not divine.   How can anyone support a pope—or church—that says that God is not divine?

The church’s role as arbiter of so-called scientific thought seems so important to Francis that he is willing to sacrifice the divinity of our Creator in order to glamorize the secular elements of man.  Please note similar off the wall comments by Francis
on atheism, the economy and homosexuality.  The pope proves that when anyone seeks in such a manner to be relevant and open-minded, his or her brain falls out and he or she declares his or her faith is a fraud.  If evolution is compatible with creation, then Adam’s and Eve’s parents were non-human apes.  Francis, if we evolved from apes and monkeys, why are there still apes and monkeys?

The assertion from a pope that God is neither divine nor omnipotent is startling.  If that assertion is true, then obviously the miracle of the Virgin Birth is also a myth.  But what is perhaps most startling to me is that such an admission would be met with blasé acceptance by the Christian world.

It seems the pope is no magician either.   His infallibility is a myth.

Pastor Terry K. Hagedorn
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