Posted by: Pastor Terry Hagedorn | April 13, 2018

Eight Symptoms of False Doctrine


Eight Symptoms of False Doctrine
Author Ryle, J.C.

Many things combine to make the present inroad of false doctrine peculiarly dangerous.

1.  There is an undeniable zeal in some of the teachers of error: their ‘earnestness’ makes many think they must be right.
2.  There is a great appearance of learning and theological knowledge: many fancy that such clever and intellectual men must surely be safe guides.
3.  There is a general tendency to free thought and free inquiry in these latter days: many like to prove their independence of judgment, by believing novelties.
4.  There is a wide-spread desire to appear charitable and liberal-minded: many seem half ashamed of saying that anybody can be in the wrong.
5.  There is a quantity of half-truth taught by the modern false teachers: they are incessantly using Scriptural terms and phrases in an unscriptural sense.
6.  There is a morbid craving in…

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