Posted by: Pastor Terry Hagedorn | April 13, 2018


Random thoughts: 

Muslim extremists kill homosexuals and Liberals say nothing to condemn their actions or their religion.  A Christian couple refuses to bake a lesbian wedding cake for homosexuals and the Liberals excoriate them and christianity. The couple had to pay $135,000 to lesbians who had committed reverse discrimination in choosing the only 1 of 17 bakeries that they knew was Christian and had convictions against the sin of homosexuality.

Liberals denounce the deporting DACA babies of illegal aliens.  However, they believe in aborting—killing—unborn babies.

Will the mainstream media ask Oprah Winfrey what her weight is? Does she eat junk food? Did it ask Obama about his smoking, tobacky and wacky tobacky?  If she becomes the president of the United States, will she make Stedman the First Boyfriend?  Will they shack up in the Lincoln bedroom?

It is good that sexual predators – – mostly males – – are getting their just desserts. However, does the Me Too movement defend those women, who flirt, flash, flaunt, fondle, flooze and fool around to further their own job and marriage aspirations: seeking to steal another woman’s husband? If women want equality, why don’t they take equal responsibility?

How is it that Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton could be accused of rape and sexual predation and still be womanizing today?  For Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy, sexual abuse of women was a resume enhancement.  Feminists turned a deaf ear to the allegations of many women because the perpetrators were liberal politicians, Hollywood types and non-Trumpers?

This all stinks of rank hypocrisy!



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