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SSchl Lesson 4/22/2018

SSchl Lesson 4/22/2018



James’ commentary on this picture is: “Have you not discriminated among yourselves and become judges with evil thoughts?” After this indictment, James lists six things wrong with favoritism:

1. It is inconsistent with faith in Christ (v.1). When you consider what Jesus did, what Jesus taught and how Jesus behaved – there is no justification for favoritism. It is not compatible with faith in Christ.

2. It makes us “judges with evil thoughts,” (v.4). The kind of favoritism James describes doesn’t come from good thoughts, but evil. The treatment we give to people depends upon our thoughts about them. This kind of insulting, dishonoring treatment stems from wrong or evil thoughts.

3. It is wrong because God makes no such distinctions (v.5). God is not a respecter of persons (see Acts 10:34; Eph. 5:1; 1 Pet. 1:17). When we engage in the kind of behavior James describes, we are not acting as God’s children.

4. It dishonors the poor man (v.6). Why should we dishonor someone, simply or merely because of their income, their financial status. The answer is, we shouldn’t. 1 Peter 2:17 says we are to honor all men.

5. It makes no sense when you consider, as a class, the rich were those who oppressed Christians (vss. 6b,7). What a strange spectacle. Some of those who were rich and powerful oppressed Christians (see Jas. 5:1-6). Now someone of that class appears, he is honored and the common man is shunned!

6. It violates the law of love (vss. 8-13). The royal law of love for God and neighbor is ignored when this kind of prejudice is practiced.”

Anytime we focus on some non-character trait, and base our attitude and treatment of someone of that neutral thing – we are guilty of the kind of discrimination James says is not compatible with faith in Christ.


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