Posted by: Pastor Terry Hagedorn | April 28, 2018


A man had a baby with him on a train and the baby was crying incessantly. People got disturbed and one big fellow said, “Why don’t you get that baby to shut up. Take it to it’s mother.”

The man with the baby said, “I would but she’s in a casket in the cargo car. We are taking her home to bury her.”

The big man sat down and shut up. After he had thought about it, he went to the father and said, “We raised several kids at home, let me take the baby.”

And as the tired dad fell asleep, the big critic walked the baby up and down the isle and sang lullabies.

Don’t criticize until you know the “big” picture – the whole story. By the way, that could be never and it usually is! TASTE YOUR WORDS BEFORE YOU SPEAK THEM–YOU MIGHT HAVE TO EAT THEM!


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