Posted by: Pastor Terry Hagedorn | April 29, 2018

White House Correspondents Dinner 2018

A reporter at the White House correspondents dinner wrote the following:

“I was in the room last night when that wretched, leftist “comedian” began attacking Sarah Sanders to her face. It was disgusting. You could not really see it on TV, but virtually no one in the room was laughing. I saw even some of the most liberal reporters in the profession cringe with disgust.

If a conservative comedian was so vicious to a working mother in the Obama administration, they would never get a job in the industry again. The organizers of the dinner would have cut their mic.

The double standard is sickening.

However, there is something you must know about Sarah Sanders: She is a better and bigger person than the sad leftists who attack her.

At the MSNBC after-party, I spoke with high-ranking members of Sarah’s staff. They were disgusted by the remarks – and tell me that the plan was for Sarah to walk-out if they got too personal. Sarah however, stayed firm. “I don’t know how she does it,” one of her closest confidants told me, “She kills them with kindness – she puts up with it. Good-hearted American people see that – and then she wins.”

Members of the White House press corp tell me they were sending Sarah a flower basket today – they felt so bad.

Then, Sarah Sanders walks into the party. The MSNBC party. A network that lives to savage and promote the godless vitriol that just attacked her. Guess what? Sarah Sanders was smiling. She owned it. I asked her about the attack and she shrugged with a smile and just said the attacks didn’t bother her and that she’s praying for the comedian.

That is the kind of woman she is.

Flying into a city to cheap-shot a working mother to her face in front of a room of one thousand journalists because you disagree with her politically is not brave. It’s the definition of a coward and a bully. Putting up with it and forgiving that person afterward?

That is real power.

That is strength.

That is class.

That is Sarah Sanders.“


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