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MARRIAGE/DIVORCE/REMARRIAGETaboo or NOT Taboo? That is the question! 

Recently, a fellow pastor told me that he had asked four other pastors what their position was on this topic. He said that he received as many different answers. Now, including his own, he knows five positions!

Why is there such a divergence of opinion on this subject in our Fundamental circles? How is it that we can come to a consensus on so many other topics and yet can be worlds apart on this one?

In part, it is because this topic has been dealt with in the most cursory manner by most books and commentaries. Even Bible schools and Seminaries avoid dealing with the topic. The solidly Fundamental school that I attended gave me a single page handout describing the DIVERSE opinions of leading Fundamentalists on this topic. There was NO consensus among their opinions. Also, for most preachers, it is a taboo subject. How many messages have you heard on the subject? Those who have attempted to deal with it are looked at askance. Questions arise about any preacher who addresses the issue in any manner less than in the condemnation mode. Questions arise in the hearer’s mind: “Is he divorced? Is he planning to be divorced? Is he liberal, or just a compromiser?”

If you have already made up your mind on the topic of Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage, then stop reading now. However, if you are willing to read and consider this information, then I would appreciate your comments and criticisms.



Please read Gen.1:26-31; 2:18-25; Ex.20:14, Deut.24:1-2; Ezra 10:9-14; Jer.3:1-9,14, Mal.2:13-16, Matt.5:31,32; 19:3-12; I Cor.7:1-28. PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED UNTIL YOU HAVE READ THESE VERSES.



1. is the first Divinely ordained institution. (Gen.2:18-25)

The home predates the chronological revelation of the other two Divine institutions: Government and the Church.

2. is to be a monogamous relationship. (Gen.2:24)

Multiple spouses (polyandry or polygyny) and multiple marriages (polygamy) are not according to God’s Will. His perfect will is ONE man and ONE woman for ONE life time. One MAN and one WOMAN are to LEAVE their individual homes, CLEAVE to one another to make a new one, and WEAVE a life together.

3. is covenant based on love and respect that joins (Gen.2:24-25) a man and woman in a holy relationship (Prov.2:17)

4. is Scripturally, legally, and morally binding for life and not to be put asunder by man or woman. (Matt.19:6)

5. is for the purpose of loving companionship and sexual intimacy. (Hebrews 13:4)

6. is for the purpose of child rearing. (Gen.1:28)

7. is to conform to the model of Christ and His Church. (Eph.5:22-33)



1. always stems from some sin and is therefore hated by God. (Mal.2:16)

2. is not sinful for the innocent spouse. (Matt.1:19)

Re: Jer.3:8, I Cor.7:27,28, Matt.19:9 (cf.”except”), Ezra 10

3. is never necessary between believers. (Eph.4:32)

“Hardness of heart” (Mt.19) may refer to the inability of the wronged spouse to forgive the unfaithful spouse.

4. is not necessary when a spouse dies (Death). (Rom.7:1-6)

5. is permitted on the grounds of fornication (Dirt). (Matt.19:9)

Christ explains that the “uncleanness” of Deut.24:1-4 is fornication- the only cause that allows for divorce and remarriage. This agreed with the school of Rabbi Shammai. It is opposed to the interpretation of Rabbi Hillel. This school taught it meant that divorce could be granted “for any cause.”

6. is permitted if an unbeliever Deserts a believer. (Desertion) I Cor.7:15

DEATH, DIRT, AND DESERTION BREAK MARRIAGE!7. is forgivable even when sinful. (I John 1:9) However, Gal.6:17 still applies- you reap what you sow!



1. is forbidden to a believer who deserts an unbeliever. (I Cor.7:11)

2. is possible for a Scripturally divorced person. (I Cor.7:27,28)

Divorce AND remarriage were included in Christ’s answer and the exceptive clause” of Matt.19:9.

3. is “better” for others who cannot remain celibate. (I Cor.7:9 )

4. is authorized for the one who receives a bill of divorcement . (Read Deut.24:1-4)

5. is recommended only when both partners are prepared for the commitment of marriage. (Luke 14:28-30 )

6. is possible ONLY when all Biblical requirements have been met. (Matt.5:31,32 )

7. is accompanied by special challenges (trouble) for widows and widowers, but especially for the divorced, former spouses,

custody of children, child support and allimony, etc… I Cor.7:28


I will make no conclusion or application. That is for you to do–in accordance with God’s Word .

For a more detailed explanation of this topic please check out


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