Posted by: Pastor Terry Hagedorn | May 10, 2018



I was able to speak with Pastor Burkes this afternoon and it does look like we can do something together like you suggested using their material. He would like to have the three of us get together to discuss it more in detail so I will be calling him sometime next week to put that together. He will be calling you as well shortly about it. As far as I am concerned, how you put the classes together, as long as the major doctrines are taught in a way which allows the students to interact in some way so that we can be sure that they understand and all the major points are covered, you can use the materials that you want.

My main concern is that in many of these countries, the culture and lack of critical thinking skills along with overload of bad theology has to be overcome to allow Biblical Truth to take root. Many of them learn to parrot rather than think. That is why I am a big backer of live classes, but I also realize that the recorded classes will allow us to reach many that we cannot otherwise reach.

I am also considering that we may be able to build a continuing relationship with some of the men who may take these courses to help build their faith over the years, not to just get a certificate or diploma but to continue learning so that they could teach others in their own country with materials which we can eventually send them. This would be after we are confident that they understand the Scriptures enough.

One item which I have not yet figured out is how to filter the students to avoid getting students that will just waste our time. We will have some who will just want to use it to try to get money from us or will want the certificate without agreement with our doctrinal statement although they will sign it.

Will talk more later
Have a blessed day,
In Christ,
Tom Stubrich


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