Posted by: Pastor Terry Hagedorn | June 21, 2018


A lady walked into a church and said that she wanted to sing in the choir.

Pastor said that you have to be a member of the church to sing in the choir.

She said indignantly that she was a member of the invisible church!

Pastor suggested to her that she should go join the invisible choir.

Terry Kent Hagedorn, “The fact that the church has a membership list is proven by three verses: Acts 2, “3000 were added” enrolled or placed on a list–a membership list. I Timothy 5 teaches that the church has responsibility to the widows: 1) If they are widows INDEED (she might have been widowed but is remarried now). 2) If they are on “the list.” What list? The church membership! 3) Matthew 18 teaches that if a sinning member will not repent, then “put them out.” How can you put someone out, if they were not in. To put them out is to withdraw fellowship. What if they came back to the next service? God! They come back as a nonmember. A Church is a hospital not a museum. If they comeback perhaps they will get their heart right and then maybe rejoin the church.


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