Posted by: Pastor Terry Hagedorn | August 4, 2018

The God Who Hears

Dr. Robert L. Horton writes:

God Hears Prayer

David provides an encouraging name for God in Psalm 65:2, “O You who hear prayer.” David asserts that God hears prayers. This has important implications for us. David knows that when he lifts up his voice and thoughts in prayer that there is a God in Heaven to hear him. For David, and therefore for us, there is the assurance that our prayers are not just flinging words into the void. The heavens are neither brass nor empty. God is there.

Not only is God there; He is listening. God hears our prayers. He who created the world, who inhabits eternity, who knows all things, who knows even our inmost being, this God condescends to listen to mere creatures. He hears our praises, our confessions, our thanksgivings, and our supplications. Our speech may not be elegant, our phrasing may be awkward, our praises may be inadequate, our confessions insufficient, our thanksgiving incomplete, our supplications inappropriate; yet He hears us.

Furthermore, David knows that since God hears, He will respond. David knows that God actively engages with His creatures and His creation. God is not an absentee landlord, nor is He asleep or unconcerned. Through the remainder of Psalm 65 David affirms God’s goodness both to those who call upon Him and to the earth itself. Let us have the same assurance as David and call upon God who hears prayers.


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