Posted by: Pastor Terry Hagedorn | September 14, 2018


Young children are being raped of their innocence in public schools!

There’s already a slew of children’s books so that tiny tots can be introduced to gender confusion at a young age. And now, there’s a cute and cuddly transgender puppet to boot.

His/her name is Julian/Julia, and he/she is here to tell you all about how he/she was “born” a girl but “feels like” a boy. [When I was a little boy, I felt I was Superman! That didn’t prevent me from felling hurt when I jumped off the shed’s roof!]

What better way to indoctrinate children into the un-scientific and incredibly dangerous philosophy of gender confusion than a Sesame Street-like puppet?

The message to children is a simple one: Your gender is not dictated by biology and your body is irrelevant to who you actually are (and it can be changed, anyway!) Julien/Julia is now the star of several bi-lingual videos that provide what trans activists are calling the “necessary tools” for kids and their bewildered parents to navigate these issues.

There are only two genders! God created male and female! You might change a person’s plumbing; but, you cannot change their gender. You can change how they act – – but it is an act.

Children should be allowed to develop naturally.


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