Posted by: Pastor Terry Hagedorn | September 19, 2018

Please pray for the Arrowood family.

The Arrowood family wants to thank you for your prayers, and words of encouragement over the last few says. Bert and Christina communicated their hearts in their Sunday FB post:

“My friends and family, This past Wednesday we had another ultrasound for our Baby Matthew, and we had been praying hard for the Lord to do a miracle for Matthew. As the technician went to Matthew’s heart we all saw the thing we had been dreading the most. There was no heartbeat. The Lord did see fit to do a miracle and take Matthew straight to Heaven. Mat- thew will never have to toil through all the hardships that this life brings. Although we are grieved to be without him, we know that he is in a much better place, meeting our loved ones that have gone on before us and, more importantly, our Great Savior. We are also happy in the true hope that we have in seeing Matthew and spending eternity with him praising God in His glory!! We understand that God allows trials in our lives without giving us the “why” or “what for”, but instead He gives us something far better, His everlasting promises that comfort and guide us through any set of circumstances we may find ourselves in. More than likely we couldn’t fully understand the reasons anyway. So, instead we have all His promis- es to rest and rely on. His ways and thoughts are higher than ours. While in our “small picture” minds we see the bad in this, God in His “big picture” wisdom knows best. This is part of God’s plan for our lives and serves a great purpose, if only to grow our faith and draw us closer to him. Please pray for Christina, myself, the girls and the Arrowood/Caldwell families as we work through the process of all these things.” ~ DBA

A graveside service s being planned for Friday and the details will be an- nounced tomorrow night at Prayer Meeting.


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