Posted by: Pastor Terry Hagedorn | November 2, 2018


I did not catch PTSD last year. I have had it for 45 years; however, the Lord has given me strength and grace to Pastor Calvary Baptist Church for 39 years— The same amount of time that I have had liver disease.

Do not try to blame my reaction to the “simple name change” on my PTSD. On my worst day, I could see through the conniving and contriving of Pastor Green and Lying Hope Baptist Church.


  1. My letter on WCBC Coincidence is basically what has happened. I don’t know that the problem is from the top or somewhere in between. Please pray for the situation. Dr. Rasmussen from WCBC called and denied that they teach their grads to do this.

  2. Brother Hagedorn,
    Pardon me, but I just checked my blogs I follow stream and feel like I’m coming in right in the middle of a conversation. Is there a way you can please catch me up? If you’d rather email me, it’s


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