Posted by: Pastor Terry Hagedorn | March 6, 2019

Right’s Wronged by Abortion


And Alabama judge has ruled that unborn baby has rights – – including the right to life and that the father has rights, as well!  The father of a child sued the abortion clinic because he was given no say in the matter.

Since 1973, the pro-choice feminist mantra has been, “My body my choice!”  Recently,  pro-abortion people have promoted infanticide – – i.e. let the baby be born (separated from the mother’s body), give the baby “comfort care” until the mother and doctor decide whether to abort the baby!

Let me play you-know-who’s advocate, If the mother has the right after the baby is born to decide whether it lives or not, how long will it be until the biological father sues for the same right?  After all, “NOT my body: Not MY choice!”

What about the unborn baby’s right to life?  How does the woman’s right beat the baby’s, the father’s and God’s rights?

Abortion is murder!

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