Posted by: Pastor Terry Hagedorn | April 23, 2019


Jeremiah 8:1-20

The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved (8:20).

The Tragedy Of Delay

One of our deacons said to me, “A family has moved next door to my house. None of them are Christians. Help me win them to the Lord.”

Upon visiting the home, I found a father, mother, two boys, and a girl. They readily agreed that they should become Christians and attend Sunday school and church, but they never did. No amount of persuasion could bring them to a decision for Christ.

About two o’clock one morning, a Christian nurse from the hospital telephoned. “Pastor, a boy has been critically hurt in a traffic accident. His father is by his side. When the boy dies, it will be a terrible blow for this man. I thought possibly you could come and be with him and help him. He says he knows you.” When she told me his name, I recognized the name of the man who lived next door to the deacon.

At the hospital I stood by the side of the father as we watched the life of the boy slowly ebb away. Soon the nurse turned to the father and said, “Sir, your boy is gone.” She drew the sheet over the face of the silent form. The father stood over the bed, too stunned to move. Then he burst into tears and sobbed piteously, “O my God! My God! My boy is gone, and I have not lived right before him!”

The next Lord’s Day the entire family was present in church and answered the invitation to come to the Savior. What should have been a beautiful sight was to me one of the saddest sights, because in a lonely grave in a Texas cemetery lay the silent form of their boy, who went out to meet God without hope, without salvation, without the forgiveness of sins. That boy’s life was sacrificed on the altar of the sin and indifference of his parents.


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