Posted by: Pastor Terry Hagedorn | April 30, 2019


Daniel 12:1-13

And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever (12:3).

A Gethsemane Experience

For two weeks I preached to a little country congregation in which there was no burden for the lost and no effort to win anyone to Christ. The whole revival was a daily Gethsemane to me. But before the benediction on Friday morning, a woman said, “Brother Criswell, my husband died several years ago. I am a widow with two boys. My boys are lost. Oh, that someone would help me win my two boys to Christ!”

Later I went to that mother’s humble farm home. I asked the mother to get down on her knees and pray while I went out to the barn. The younger boy was milking the cows. I sat down on a box beside him and opened my New Testament. I read him those passages in God’s Book that tell us how to be saved, and then I asked, “Son, would you kneel down here and pray with me?” He stopped his milking and knelt by my side, saying, “I will take the Lord as my Savior.” By that time the older boy had come in from the fields and was taking the harnesses off the horses. I read to him those precious passages. He knelt by my side, and I prayed that God would save him.

That night at church when I gave the invitation, those two boys came forward, arm in arm. It was a glorious sight, and that sweet mother shouted. Those two boys were the only souls that were saved in the meeting. When it was finished, I went away with a commitment and resolution in my heart that has colored my ministry ever since. I believe that the praying, the working, and the dedication of the whole church ought to be to one holy and heavenly end: namely, that the lost may come to know God. That is what it is all about.



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