Posted by: Pastor Terry Hagedorn | June 12, 2019


Luke 4:1-30

“To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.” (4:19).

Someone Ought To Preach

My first pastorate out of seminary was First Baptist Church, Chickasha, Oklahoma. When they built a new church some years ago, they invited me to return and preach the dedicatory sermon. As I walked through the streets of Chickasha for the first time in thirty-nine years, many memories came to my heart.

For example, I remembered one time when the ministerial alliance set aside a Saturday on which the city fathers allowed them to rope off a whole street. They were going to have a tremendous religious service. People were there from all over. The president of the ministerial alliance opened the service. They sang a song and had a prayer. Then each pastor was called forward to invite the people to come to the services at his church.

After each pastor had done his part, the man who was presiding over the meeting said, “We will now have the benediction.” I stood up and walked to the pulpit and said, “Sir, are you dismissing these people now?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “Someone ought to preach to these people.” He turned around and said, “Anyone want to preach?” No one said he wanted to preach, so I, being the closest to him, said, “If no one will preach to them, I will.” He said, “Go ahead and preach.” That was second nature to me; I had been preaching on the curb of the courthouse every Saturday for three years. I stood up there with an open Bible, and I preached to those people on how to be saved.

One can read his Bible forever and not be saved. One can preach and not be saved. One can sing about the Lord and not be saved. One can say prayers and not be saved. One can do penance and not be saved. One can write books about the Christian faith and not be saved. We must call people to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.


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