Posted by: Pastor Terry Hagedorn | June 16, 2019


Luke 10:1-24

Therefore said He unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He would send forth laborers into His harvest (10:2).

Ready For Harvest

In the summer following my senior year in high school, I worked for J. I. Case Threshing Machine Company. In the panhandle around Amarillo, there are places where one can stand and see nothing but vast wheat fields from horizon to horizon. As I worked in the threshing machine company that summer, the men working in the wheat fields never stopped their combines. Day and night, twenty-four hours, they ran the machines, for the fields were white unto the harvest and the next day the grain could be lying lost on the ground. They were reaping, and they never stopped.

Our churches are like that. Jesus said, “The fields are white unto the harvest.” People who need to be won to the Lord are legion in number. The whole world is just waiting for someone to say, “We would love to have you; we are interested in you. This is God’s place, and we are God’s people. The Lord meets with us. Come and join us.” The fields are white, the opportunities are great, and God needs someone to extend a welcoming hand to the people around us.


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