Posted by: Pastor Terry Hagedorn | July 3, 2019


I resigned from Calvary Baptist Church one year ago, July 3, 2018. A sad day for me. I had pastored there one month short of 39 years.

After hearing a church leader’s wife gleefully whisper to a regular visitor that, “We are going to change the church’s name”, I requested a meeting with Pastor Tom Green. He told me that that’s what they were going to do. I told him to tell the church that I did not support the name change and that Goldie and I would resign from the church today. He said that he would tell the church that night. He didn’t…

“WE?” Did she have a frog in her pocket or what? I didn’t know about it. Over half of the church didn’t know about it! “Change the name of the church” that they had said the Lord led them to join? The church whose pastor had recommended a young, vibrant candidate to, who considered his candidacy to pastor, who extended a call to, who voted to keep me as a Pastor Emeritus and to call him as Pastor.

Would be members of the parasitic Living Hope Baptist Church and young pastor advised me that a church name was not the church—the people are the church. “The name does not matter,” they explained.

I “foolishly” asked, “Well, if the name doesn’t matter, why change it?” (Especially since more than 50% of the true Calvary Baptist Church didn’t want to change the name… ) The vote to change the name and to take possession of Calvary Baptist Church failed by one vote. God voted.

Pastor Green had said it was God’s will to start Living Hope Baptist Church. Obviously, it wasn’t. If it is God’s will to start living Hope Baptist Church, so be it! But, why not go somewhere else and start it? Those who did not vote to change the name, the true Calvary Baptist Church, was scattered. It is wrong and the church will never be blessed like it was blessed.



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