Posted by: Pastor Terry Hagedorn | July 31, 2019



By my father, Robert B. Hagedorn 1928-2008

Woe unto you who pretend to be true;

And, through outward show confess our Christ–

You’ll wish you weren’t born before He’s through

And your apostasy will cost you a terrible price!

It will be better for them who’ve never heard–

or, on hearing, have turned deaf ears to the Gospel–

Because they’ll be crucified by the Living Word

And cast forever into an awful Hell!

Take heed then lest you come to grief–

Having an evil heart and full of deceit–

Because God knows your shame and unbelief

And some day your ruin will be complete!

For God shall send sinners strong delusions

That they should deserve the Devil’s lie;

And, they’ll be bombarded by constant confusions

And their soul will eternally die!

For some clouds are empty, some wells are dry

And some men swell up in vain pride–

They promise you everything with their hue and cry

And are the Devil’s Apostles – evil inside!


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