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Pointing Mountaineers to Mt. Calvary

OUR MISSION: The mission of MMM is to bring honor and glory to God and further His kingdom through the fulfillment of the Great Commission. We believe that this is best accomplished by allowing the Word of God to do the work of God in a believer’s life. For this reason, faithful preaching of the Word of God is of primary importance. In addition to this, we believe that the church should faithfully come together and collectively offer praise and worship to the God who has seen fit to sav


  1. I didn’t receive your test. Try sending it to TKH1950@AtlanticBB.net

  2. My name is Doris Luck, I sent in a test (World Religions) and I forgot to put my name on the test. Could you please let me know if you got it.

    Thank you
    Doris Luck

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